Grooming Basics


Tools I think are needed for grooming.  The more dogs you are grooming the more upscale you need your tools to be as you will be using them more and they need to hold up plus they need to make the job easier for you as well.  These are just the basics to help you get grooming done at home.


A pair of good scissors, they don’t have to be expensive, but they can become that way.  Set your budget and stick to it.


Brushes and combs


Comb  Medium and Wide spacing.            Pin brush the top left is my favorite.        Slicker brush I like the soft and hard.


Basic grooming.

  1. Pin brush the entire coat.
  2. Line Comb with the wide end
  3. Line brush with the pin brush
  4. Line brush with the slicker brush, if you hit knots use the wide then medium sides of the comb to help loosen then go back with the slicker.
  5. Go over the entire dog lightly with the medium side of the comb and if you find knots work them out with the comb and slicker.

Once you are not getting hair off the dog, you are ready to bath the dog, but you might need one too if they hair was flying.

Step one wet dog thoroughly, apply shampoo, scrub-a-dub for about 5 min special attention to behind ears, armpits and private areas.  Rinse the dog, when you think the dog is fully rinsed…rinse again, nothing worse than an itchy dogs, because you didn’t get it all out.  Next you can condition or not.  If you do remember double rinse!  Now you want to towel dry the dog.  I often like to wrap them like a burrito and either hold them for about 10-20min or put them in a crate to rest for 20 min.  After that I get out the forced air dryer, if you don’t have one you can use a human hairdryer, but no heat.  If you make doing your own baths something you do all the time I highly suggest a forced air dryer it will save you so much time and your results will be so much better as the forced air gets down to the skin easily and really puffs up the fur.