YKnot Be Fashionably Late (Buttercup)

YKnot Be Fashionably Late (Buttercup)

Bold Buttercup,

Bold Buttercup will be retiring after her spay in June. She is looking for that special home that wants to do nothing but spoil her and play with her. Buttercup is a high-energy girl that LOVES TO GO GO GO! She is not a small girl at around 9lbs, she might be a little over weight. She is in a love affair with all things tasty. She like almost everyone from the start especially if you have attention to give or FOOD. Why is Bold Buttercup retiring…She has two wonderful litters with us, tried her hand at showing. However, her heart was not into standing on that table to have a stranger examine her for no reason and no TREAT. (Her current staff could not get those judges to give her treats – slackers.) While she has given us, four lovely girls (Josie, Valerie, Melody & Bubbles) she was a C-section both times and we do not feel that she should try a 3rd time to have puppies. We love Bold Buttercup to the moon and back, but know that she will get more love as one of one or one of two. She deserves the very best because that is what she gives in return. Buttercup is pad trained and understands outside for potty-time, in a fenced yard. Buttercup is harness and leash trained, she loves to go on walks and hikes. She can go a little limp on you for bathing, drying and brushing because grooming is just such a hard chore that she has to lay down. Do not let that bother you, as Buttercup is more than willing to let you put her on her side or back to get to all the places. She does not mind being clean, but she is just as happy being a dirty girl.

Buttercup’s Details:

Born: 10/4/2020 (2 years old)

Up-to-date on vaccines – DHPP & Rabies

Has been treated regularly for parasites including heartworm preventative

Buttercup has two spots on her back (mostly hidden) that do not have hair. This is from a vet visit where she got too hot from a heating pad. This does not affect her health or beauty.

Spay is scheduled for June 2023, so Buttercup will be ready for her new home soon.

Bold Buttercup has been Embark Tested (DNA), had her OFA tests for heart, eyes and patella giving her, her Canine Health Information Center (CHIC) Certificate. See Buttercup’s webpage for more details. https://www.yknotpoms.com/profile/yknots-be-fashionably-late

Adoption Fee: $1000.00 to cover spay, dental and any other departing medical screenings.

If you would like to apply to adopt and meet Bold Buttercup please complete our questionnaire at: www.yknotpoms.com/client-questionnaire. Buttercup told us (Current Staff) that we will review all applications as she is too busy playing and hunting for snacks.


Special Note from Bold Buttercup: If you will love me, care for me and feed me I will be dedicate myself to you. I love to be loved.